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The Artful Kitchen: Permission to Dream

Welcome to Artful Kitchens!  I have so much to share with you in the world of art and design and especially how you can successfully merge the two to find your own personal style in the kitchen. Thank you to Leslie Carothers of  The Kaleidescope Partnership and Brian McDaniel of bkmacdaddy designs for their excellent help! In the coming posts I will be writing about color, elements of design, the art and artists that inspire me and much more.  Please share, share, share and help me spread the word!  Oh, and I would love to collaborate with YOU!! Email me at:

The first step in creating an artful kitchen is to give yourself permission to dream.  Doesn’t that sound wonderful?


As a kitchen designer I have several priorities in mind when I begin a kitchen plan.  Aesthetics, lifestyle and especially function come into play.  All are critical components.  I also have observed that the most effective and complex kitchen creations are the result of evolution.  The details reveal themselves from each decision that has come before. That said, you still need a starting place, one that will hopefully evolve into your own unique personal statement.  The buzzword today is personalization and it’s here to stay.  That’s where dreaming comes in.


Create color palettes from nature with Color911 by Amy Wax.
Create color palettes from nature with Color911 by Amy Wax.

These color schemes from Color911 are inspired by nature.  If you love them they go in your “dream file”.  Don’t worry about “the hows” just yet.

Create color palettes from nature with Color911 by Amy Wax.

Just think if you could take function out of the equation!  Heck, what if you didn’t even have space parameters? What would you like to see if you could do ANYTHING? With no editing allowed, at least not yet, you would get to the essence of your of personal style.


These interesting shapes intrigue me! Photo from
These interesting shapes intrigue me! Photo from

This is step one.  Have fun with it.  The only rule is that you enjoy the process.  Only the things that please and excite you are allowed.  Seriously. it doesn’t even have to be a kitchen!! Use good old paper and colored pencils, crayons, markers, paint, a computer or Pinterest.  It’s all good. Don’t think too much just dive in and do it!

Beach house scenes

Share your vision with me and if you are chosen you may see your own artful kitchen come to life right here on my blog.  Email me at


Next in this series: Creating An Artful Kitchen, Step Two: Defining the Essence


Gloria Graham-Sollecito

Gloria is a kitchen and bath cabinetry designer with AKBD certification from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. She has also served on the Florida Treasure Coast Chapter's Board of Directors as the VP of Communications. Her work has appeared on This Old House as well as in Florida Design Magazine, K+BB Magazine and the Palm Beach Post. She is co-author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen, Illustrated, as well as a freelanced writer contributing occasionally to the Sun Sentinel in the area of kitchen design. She is a proud member of the Blanco Design Council and the illustrious Brizo Blogger 19.

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