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KBIS2017 Part III-Exploring Surfaces

This is Part III of my KBIS2017 recap.  You can find Part I  here and Part II here

Ok where were we?  Ah yes, I believe I promised you something to do with rhino poop and a surprise inside the shower.  In Part III, the final installment of my Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS2017)  recap, I’m going to deliver just that as I share with you two really cool surface manufacturers  that are game changers in the world of design.  The first is from the tradition of Ripley’s Believe It or Not!


Rustic finishes at Mohawk Flooring. Photo by Felix O.B. at FXO Photography


Mohawk Flooring, known largely for their carpet, actually manufactures a wide variety of products including tile, hardwood, laminate and luxury vinyl.  The star of their show this year was SmartStrand Silk Reserve carpet which MUST be felt to be believed. The story is not only about the ultimate in comfort and beauty, but also unbelievable cleanability.  


To test this new generation of carpeting they had a rhino, yes a rhinoceros, live on it for two weeks! That includes peeing, pooping and God knows what.  This experiment compared SmartStrand Silk Reserve to other leading carpets.  The results were impressive. With the Pet Protection Warranty there’s never any worry about a little occasional cat puke. Here’s a little video so you know I’m not lying.




Not only did SmartStrand Silk Reserve stand up to the rhino test, it was also a welcome respite for the tired feet of 24 or so bloggers and social media influencers.  We got to enjoy the silky soft  experience at the Ritz, no less. It’s really really soft!

Mohawk Flooring’s Smartstrand Silk Reserve. Photo by Felix O.B. at FXO Photography


Since we’re talking about cleaning, let’s move on the the shower.  That’s where Wilsonart comes in.  Wilsonart is a leader in engineered surfaces such as laminates, quartz, solid surfaces and even interesting wall paneling which is a look that has been so popular.


I love how they are always coming up with something new that is so relevant and on trend.  One such item is Wilsonart VDL Artfully Repurposed Woods (above left).  Yes these are laminates, no splinters here, soft as a baby’s butt (well nearly).  I digress. Let’s get back to the shower on show at KBIS2017.  This seamless laminate shower wall (below)  is easy to clean with no grout lines and they assure me it’s water friendly.  I also love the sleek contemporary look.


Wilsonart, KBIS2017,BlogTourKBIS
Felix O.B. at FXO Photography

Wilsonart is also offering their own brand of quartz.  I often have clients who seek a pristine white counter top.  This one (Niwa Q1002) certainly fits the bill.   Quartz is a very popular choice these days because of it’s durability and stain resistance. Check out their website here for more on the wide variety of products you can find at Wilsonart.

Wilsonart, WilsonartQuartz, BlogTourKBIS, KBIS2017, designhounds


There you have it!  Thank you so much to Modenus and all the sponsors of BlogTour KBIS.  It’s such a treat to have access to all this in depth knowledge that I can share with you.  All editorial content is entirely my own opinions and perspectives.



Gloria Graham-Sollecito

Gloria is a kitchen and bath cabinetry designer with AKBD certification from the National Kitchen & Bath Association. She has also served on the Florida Treasure Coast Chapter's Board of Directors as the VP of Communications. Her work has appeared on This Old House as well as in Florida Design Magazine, K+BB Magazine and the Palm Beach Post. She is co-author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Remodeling Your Kitchen, Illustrated, as well as a freelanced writer contributing occasionally to the Sun Sentinel in the area of kitchen design. She is a proud member of the Blanco Design Council and the illustrious Brizo Blogger 19.

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