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The Big Move: Selling the House and Taking Back the Condo

Tag along with South Florida kitchen and bath designer Gloria Graham Sollecito as she, with her husband, transitions from suburban family living to a cozy condo by the water. As new empty nesters, they’re downsizing, minimalizing and taking a property with potential from sad to fab. Follow The Big Move series as she encounters all the choices and issues her own clients face from the other side!


Induction Cooking Within Reach

One of today’s most exciting technologies for the kitchen can be found in electro magnetics.  I feel like the dad in The Graduate when he sagely whispers into Benjamin’s ear “plastics”! Ok I’m dating myself but truthfully it was an old movie when I saw it for the first time.  Back to the kitchen, the electro magnetics I’m talking about is induction cooking.  Whenever I bring this up to my clients they invariably say, “isn’t that the thing where you need special pots”?

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