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Notice the "Aubrey-esque" graphics in the back. The thing is I love the faucet too!

I know my last post was all about the plumbing but I’m not done yet.  As I peruse my ever growing roster of press releases this little tidbit caught my eye.  It’s a sleek beautiful sexy faucet with one hell of a marketing strategy.

Meet Salome' by Riobel

The new Salome faucet by Riobel is going to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public on June 7th at Koko Bar and Restaurant in Montreal, should you be in the area.  What makes it so special you ask?  Check it out.  Need I say more? I just love it when art history intersects with design.  I think it just adds a whole other layer.

Salome' by Aubrey Beardsley


Yes it’s all about the looks, you know a faucet can never be too thin or rich expensive, which I’m sure it is.  The marketing brilliance is in the name and inspiration for this design.  She’s (yes this faucet is a girl) called Salome’ after the work of Aubrey Beardsley, the 19th century bad boy famous for his erotic Art Noveau illustrations.  Here’s what Riobel has to say in their press release:

“In Harmony with this (Art Noveau) artistic concept, the faucets of Riobel’s SALOMÉ Collection are based on the aesthetics of curved lines. Due to their round profile and arched shape, Salomé products exude finesse, refinement and elegance.

Turning on a SALOMÉ faucet is reminiscent of an exotic cascading waterfall, deep in the forest where all is pure, a significant aspect of these wall-mounted fixtures.”  So I lied when I said it’s all about the looks.  This water-as-in-nature concept seems like a great way to tame the stress and put a little Zen in your life.











































































Vesi Channel Faucet by Brizo, seeking to capture the feel and sound of a babbling brook.

Today “call of nature” takes on an entirely new meaning when it comes to bathroom design.    As the Green Movement gains momentum, we turn our attention towards nature and the beauty of organic elements.  Nowhere is that more appropriate than in the bath, today’s sanctuary, a place to get away from it all.  Two products that stand out to me in this regard is the Vesi Channel Faucet by Brizo and the beautiful vanities at Stone Forest.

The Vesi Channel Faucet by Brizo, inspired by a real life experience of nature takes it to the next level.  Check out this brief video featuring Judd Lord (badass name and creative hot guy all in one), Director of Industrial Design for Brizo.

Stone Forest, based in New Mexico, has been crafting design elements for kitchens, baths and landscaping since 1989.   For the most part, the lines are straight and simple allowing the natural beauty of  the material to take center stage.

Eau Soaking Tub by Stone Forest (Note space saving potential!)

Bamboo Vessel Sink by Stone Forest















Vintage Wash Basin by Stone Forest















SYNC Drop-in Vessel Sink















Check out their website as well for a whole lot more natural goodness!










I’m back in the saddle so to speak and one of the first things on my agenda was a teleconference with my friends at Brizo.  They’re at it again, being brilliant and innovative.  As you may know from my previous posts, Brizo has a unique relationship with fashion designer Jason Wu. In fact they have been collaborating for five years.  Jason, who designed Michele Obama’s inauguration gown, has designed dresses for their ad campaigns and promotional accessories over the years.  Today they are unveiling a new faucet and accessory collection designed by Jason.  The collaboration has come full circle and as a proud alumnus of the famed 😉 Blogger 19 I’ve got the low down.


The new collection is targeting the Powder Room.  The faucet, dubbed Odin for the Norse god of wisdom and magic, is sleek and sexy.  It comes in matte black only.  The curve of the spout is a signature detail for Jason Wu as is the tiny owl motif you can find on the tip of the handle.  There are a couple other things that make this fabulous faucet unique.  It has an LED light at the base which indicates hot and cold and is the first Brizo product to feature Smart Touch Plus with a proximity sensor.  That means you don’t even have to touch it.  Just like magic!


Another first is the impressive line of accessories that go with the faucet and were inspired by Jason’s recent Fall 2011 collection which was in turn inspired by ornate detailing he viewed on a trip to Versailles Palace in France.  I love that you can see the line of the Baroque flower yet it’s still simple and striking paired with either polished chrome or brushed nickel.

The line is available for pre-order through February 20,2012 for delivery in April.  Pre orders receive a signed, numbered Jason Wu lithograph and limited edition key chain within ten days (just to hold you over till April).  The faucet retails for $799.  Hey, I don’t think know you can even buy a Jason Wu dress for that much!







Virage Faucet
Day one was spent learning about the Brizo fashion faucet product line and meeting some amazing and creative people from near and far.  Brizo’s impressive design and marketing teams took us through the whole process from dreaming of an idea to the birth of a product which takes about a year to a year and a half to implement.  One of my favorite items was the Virage line of bath faucets.  Striking and beautiful in its simplicity,  it’s a total “twist”, literally.  If you look closely you can see it makes a complete twist from base to spout.
Barbes Restaurant
Trevor and Laura
Kurt and Jai  
Laura and guess who?
We spent the evening dining and getting acquainted at Barbes, a Moroccan restaurant where we received our official invitation to Jason’s fashion show tomorrow!  I sat with Brizo’s Ad Men, Kurt and Trevor of  Young and Laramore,  Brizo’s Laura Brooks, Sr. Brand Manager  and Jai Massela, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager.  I got some great insight into how this luxury division of Delta faucets came about and how they came up with the name Brizo.  More later on that.
Some of the other people I had the pleasure of chatting with are Nancy Hugo of Kitchen & Bath Chatter   , Mike Welton of Architects and Artisans, and Bob Borson of Life of an Architect  .  Click on their names to find out more about them.   Day 2 begins with a design contest and it’s countdown to the fashion show!  Stay tuned. 
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