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John Wayne Airport- I'm loving the architecture! Kudos to Orange County in the taste department

Checking in from Costa Mesa.   After a slightly anxious day I finally arrived at Orange County Airport (Official name is John Wayne Airport-I bet you didn’t know that).  We shall remain photoless until sometime tomorrow afternoon due to the fact I’m phoneless.  This I did not discover until I was in the plane looking for it so I could turn it off.  It was my good fortune to sit next to two delightful ladies who taught me about Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), self publishing and let me borrow their cell phone to call home.  Anyway the phone is accounted for and winging its way west as we speak (one can only hope) thanks to my awesome son. After a weather related diversion to Austin we finally circled back to Dallas making the connection with a good ten minutes to spare.

Upon check in I was given a lovely bag of swag, courtesy of hosts Blanco and Bosch, consisting of a stainless steel water bottle, a leather passport case and a very interesting looking book about the history of Bosch. Tomorrow’s events promise to be much more interesting and enjoyable.  We get to discuss design trends with Dwell Magazine Contributing Editor Erika Heet for starters.  If you want to know what else is in store you’re just going to have to check back tomorrow!  Off to dinner to meet my blogger pals then to BED!  Cheers 🙂



Serve with Basmati (my fave) or brown rice and you're good to go!


Counting down the minutes till my next great adventure in Costa Mesa California with the folks at Blanco and Bosch!  Most of my packing is done and Sunday is my day to cook. (The hubs is great that way.) Since time has become a very precious commodity and I have 69 books on my “Plan to read” list, there are no more magazines in my life, except one.  That would be Cooking Light.

I’m always drooling for that next issue and it’s my current go-to-guide for cooking inspiration when Sunday rolls around.  Last night’s feature was Cashew Honey Chicken.  It was a big hit and I think you should try it cause it’s healthy and easy.  If you’re a veghead simply substitute tofu.  You can find the recipe here but this is my take on it.  Instead of corn starch I used arrow root cause it’s healthier.  I put it in a zip lock bag with the chicken and thoroughly fondled the bag till chicken was lightly coated.  Then I browned the chicken and added the veggies as per recipe.  At this point it seemed a little dry so I added a splash of organic broth.  While that’s simmering away I made the sauce.  I doubled all the ingredients because we usually come up short in that department.  It was a good choice because it all came out just right.  Let me know how yours comes out.  Next stop California!!



Aerial view of New Port Beach

Yes,  I’ll be on the road again.  As a proud member of the Blanco Design Council I have been invited to a Blogger Retreat happening May 31st-June 1  in Orange County.  The event is sponsored by Bosch and, of course, Blanco.

My last California adventure was for my honeymoon in 09 when the hubs and I explored San Francisco and surrounding locales.  This time it’ll be the southern scene.  We’re staying in Costa Mesa and will also be visiting New Port Beach.  They’ve got all kinds of interesting events in store all based around the theme “European Design for the Modern Kitchen”.  I’m also very excited to meet up with my fellow bloggers and Design Council members, some of whom I will be seeing for the first time!  As usual, YOU get to come along (virtually, that is).  Stay tuned!  Until then I’ll be California dreamin…

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