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I received an email from one of my fave clients the other day.  She is contemplating a dream kitchen for 2011 (Maybe you should too!) Anyway she sent me some of these amazing photos. Check out this dreamy spiral-trapdoor-otherworldly-cool wine cellar!  Was this an internet hoax, an urban legend, I wondered?

NO!  It’s for real and you can check out the UK firm that builds them here.  The appeal is not only novelty but efficient design.  The concept was designed in 1978 by a Frenchman (of course).  It’s not a basement, as I first thought, but an actual hole in the ground!

It’s not only space efficient but it’s Green as well.  They claim the temperature stays constant at 55 degrees.  Ok, so it’s probably still only a dream for us in Florida.  If you dug that deep under my kitchen you’d have an undersea wine cellar.  Now there’s an idea!



This solution is a great example of efficient use of corner space.

One of our clients has a great house in one of those lovely historic neighborhoods in West Palm Beach. They have a spacious family room with lots of windows. Views of lush vegetation and palm trees complete the “old Florida” mood. So what is the problem you say? The rub is that all those great windows really cut down on the wall space you need for a TV or entertainment center. The solution is a unique custom built corner unit to house TV and necessary components. Corners can be tricky but we were able to add some open shelves around the TV and doors below to house components.  It is finished in a soft white paint.

A work in progress
The Final Answer!
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