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Kitchen Case Study: Tips and Products that Can Bring Your Design to the Next Level

Designing a kitchen is a bit like solving a puzzle, eventually all the pieces come together and it all makes sense from both a visual as well as a functional perspective.  This new kitchen design in Wellington Florida is a great example of that. Today I’d like to share with you an inside peek at the process and how we got from drab to amazing in ten million easy steps.

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Welcome to Kitchens for Living’s  first annual CRAZY KITCHEN AWARD.  Criteria include impracticality, power to confuse and disorient and of course creativity.  With that in mind this one takes the prize.  The Cubism Art Movement was the inspiration behind this wacky design by Gemelli Design Studio, out of Sofia, Bulgaria, of course.   Here’s the rationale:

“Often the kitchen design is mainly aimed to its ergonomics. However this can lead to loss of its originality. Our goal was to create a glamorous kitchen combining multiple perspectives as a masterpiece of art affected by the cubism and surrealism styles. We believe that this advanced kitchen is a part of a more coloured, spectacular and interesting world and, at the same time functional.” 

Really? What can I say? You know I’m always striving to insert anything to do with art into this blog.  As Marlene Dietrich once said, “I can’t help it.”

Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) Factory, Horta de Ebro (oil on canvas, 1909)


























As promised, by yours truly, may I present this year’s Subzero Wolf Traditional Kitchen Design winner,  Vasi Ypsilantis of The Breakfast Room Ltd., Manhasset, New York.  I find it interesting that both contemporary (see last post) and traditional winners used the color blue and incorporated dark stained wood into their designs even though they are at opposite ends of the design spectrum.  Notice how the architectural detail in the ceiling is repeated with the hood.  This kitchen has a very authentic turn of the century appeal.  In traditional styling it is all about the attention to detail.



Every year high end appliance manufacturer Subzero Wolf sponsor a kitchen design contest.  This year’s winner is Jose Eduardo Calma of Lor Calma & Partners, Makati City, Phillipines.  I must confess I LOVE this!  The juxtaposition of materials and calm yet sublime use of color puts me in a Zen state of mind.  Well done, Jose!  If traditional styling is more your cup of tea, stay tuned.  My next post will show you the winner in the traditional category. Photo is courtesy of Subzero Wolf.  

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