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Going Topless…In Your Kitchen

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you know that the less-is-more look of the topless kitchen is hot!! When I say topless I mean no upper cabinets. There are certainly pluses and minuses to this design decision. But “how can I live without half my kitchen”, you ask.  Fear not. Today we will examine the possibilities. Read more


Tip #3: Where can I save money and what items are worth the splurge?

Many of our clients begin kitchen remodeling projects in the summer.  Kids are out of school and our commitments tend to be less (for some of us) in the summer months.  Today’s client query is one that I hear a lot.  Naturally we all want to get the most for our money in all our investments but where can you save money in a kitchen remodel and what items are worth the splurge?

The answer to that is largely subjective as we all have differing needs and priorities.  That said, there are some principles that should never be compromised and those include efficient use of space, safety and the best quality you can afford.

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Furniture Islands Lend Style & Function to the Kitchen

If you’ve always wanted the convenience and look of a kitchen island within your budget, today may be your lucky day-after-St. Patrick’s Day! One of the perks of writing a design blog is all the press releases that come my way. I’m always being informed on where to go to find the latest for greatest function, design and value. Furniture  kitchen islands by Jeffrey Alexander found their way into my inbox and caught my eye.  Here are a couple of my favorites.

Hardware Resources, maker of exceptional cabinet hardware and a diverse line of goods including decorative carved wood products, kitchen islands and bath furniture, debuts the captivating kitchen Jeffrey Alexander Loft Island. Designed to perfection, the island gives extra space for storage while increasing counter work area for cooking prep.
The Loft Kitchen Island by Jeffrey Alexander

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Last weekend was a wet one so I had a good opportunity to tackle something that has been bothering me daily, one of my kitchen drawers!  I LOVE drawers, don’t get me wrong.  As a designer I hear a lot of clients enthusiastically request roll out drawers.  It’s almost become a status symbol in the home improvement community.  I say not so fast.  I would take a bank of drawers any day over a cabinet with doors and roll outs.

Roll outs are definitely better than shelves but not as easy access as drawers.

Think of it.  You can open most drawers with one hand.  The roll out alternative requires you to open two doors all the way then slide out the roll out, not very efficient ergonomics.  There is also an aesthetic component.  A bank of drawers can be a nice visual break from a sea of doors.   Anyway, I digress.

We have this one nice bank of drawers 30” wide in my kitchen.  It’s supposed to house plastic containers and stuff like that.  Well with a family of four, including two teenagers, lately it has gotten ridiculous.  Believe me when I tell  you all this was in one drawer.






Yes, this was all in one drawer, not lying.


Who knew we had so many funnels??

A few items for the recycle basket. How many pickle jars does one need?

It only took minutes to empty, sort and re pack.  A few broken pieces and odd lids went into the recycle basket and here’s what we’ve got now, a clean drawer WHERE I CAN FIND EVERYTHING!  Drawers are the best, honestly.





That’s it! Space is a funny thing. It all fit.



So it’s January again and everybody’s writing great posts about new trends (open shelves, fewer upper cabinets, the color orange, horizontal wood grains), and resolutions (already lost 4lbs YAY).  Not moi.  I’m in the mood for scanning the globe for home/kitchen related tidbits and what locale could be better than my new favorite, PARIS!


That famous cheap yet hip ready-to-assemble furniture company, yes, IKEA stays edgy and current by coming up with new innovative marketing schemes.  The latest took place in the Paris commuter train station Auber R.E.R.  A 581 square foot apartment was erected,and five young stylish occupants were recruited to live in it for 6 days (January 9-14).  Oh, and commuters could peak in the windows to witness “hip” living in all its glory!

Even some green can be seen through the backsplash

The purpose of the marketing campaign was to demonstrate how IKEA products work for small spaces in real life. Each of the  days is documented via video on the IKEA France Facebook page.  Here are the highlights:

Ok so he made fruit salad

1) Day 2-Take out sushi delivery (FOUL! I wanted them to cook in that kitchen! Okay it sort of looked like they cooked on Day 1.)

2) Day 3– Twister (A good game choice for small spaces.)

3) Day 3-Some guy really into his pink ukulele (This is actually pretty hip as ukueles are making a big comeback. Click here.)

4) Day 1 -Sewing clothes with sewing machine and everything (Really?)

5) Day 4, below, features a bang up birthday bash! (This must be the coolest cake ever.)


This was creative, attention grabbing marketing, a statement about the relationship between form and function.  Did they succeed?  Has social media made marketing more important than product?


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