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Today I thought I’d continue with the eye candy theme.  You see I’m actually helping you.  I parade all types of enticement across my blog so you can formulate your own kitchen creation strategy. So take note!  Today’s yumminess comes in the form of Ann Sacks Tile, one of  the most cutting edge and innovative suppliers of tile, stone and plumbing fixtures today.  It all began in 1980 when Ann Sacks discovered a box of Mexican Talavera tiles being sold as trivets.  These inspired her to start her own company and open her first showroom in the living room of her home!  The rest is history.
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Fritza by Ann Sacks

Inspired by the art of Gustav Klimt, Ann Sacks has recently introduced Fritza, a colorful mosaic run between strips of tetra slate and black granite. This is a great way to add a little art to your kitchen.  What a great backsplash this would make!

Another one of my favorites is this tile from the Forms collection by Angela Adams (left).  This is perfect if you’re going for a mid-century modern appeal. 

Erin Adam’s Facet Mosaic features a circle design in tones that blend beautifully with just about any wood grain

The stainless steel look is another interesting backsplash treatment for your kitchen.




The new sexy isn’t always sexual. In fact the Brits have coined the term “sex it up!” meaning to make something more interesting, attention grabbing or appealing. So, guess what? Now you can “sex up” your kitchen by updating and refreshing the look and function. Here are some tricks:

1) Roll outs Want easier access? Install shelves that roll out. These are great in the lower cabinets as well as in your pantry.

2) Open shelves can be extremely functional allowing you to view and easily grab and go.  I also love them for cookbooks and they break up the monontony of too many cabinet doors.

3) Color and texture  What’s more seductive than color and texture?  Think sleek stainless steel paired with a rustic tumbled marble backsplash or a RED quartz counter top in the midst of a clean white kitchen.  

4) Dimmable light fixtures above your cabinets can create a subtle glow.  Add them under your upper cabinets and they double as task lighting when turned up. 

5) Art is One of my favorite additions to any kitchen.  It’s a great way to personalize your kitchen and create visual interest.  (See my  3/18 post).

What are you passionate about in your kitchen? Dying to know and hoping you’ll share.


If you’re looking for a way to personalize your kitchen  why not consider art?  Most of us spend a lot of time in the kitchen and the view is pretty much the same, refrigerator, stove, sink etc.  So where do we add our own unique signature?  The possibilities are numerous.  How about your backsplash, the area between your countertop and upper cabinets?  This is a project you can usually attempt without disrupting your cabinets or counter top.  For example I have a client who decided to tile the area.  She added art by inserting her own artwork in the form of handpainted tiles. 
If you are planning a new kitchen remember that sometimes less is more IF you have adequate storage you might consider leaving some open space for framed art. A single piece of art in a simple kitchen can become a compelling focal point. Not only does this save you money on cabinets but it allows you to change the look and theme of your kitchen when the spirit moves you.
Show off your collection, if you have one.  This homeowner was the proud collector of cookie jars so we designed a space to feature them.  But you could show Fiestaware or handmade pottery.

Colorful paint along with many handmade touches makes this kitchen pop with whimsy and a generally good to be alive vibe!  Photo courtesy of

These colorful handpainted African tiles add a unique touch. 

What creative touches have you used in your kitchen?  I would love to hear from you!  Leave comments.  Tomorrow I leave for New Orleans. I’m going to take lots of pictures and I’ll see you when I get back!
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