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Glass doors above ref/fre add lightness and enhance the open feeling. Cabinets by Holiday Kitchens.

I can’t believe I’ve been back a week already!  I guess it’s time to refocus on Florida.  What better way than to share this kitchen from my portfolio? Yes, it is the quintessential “Florida” kitchen but you don’t have to live in Florida to have one.  If you have a yearning for the tropics year-round, this could be the perfect storm (poor choice of words) solution for you.   This combination of white, stainless and shades of blue green that call to mind the ocean make this a Florida dream kitchen that you can apply to your own home.

The cooking area is it's own vignette, beautiful and very functional.

I always say the best projects are the result of great collaboration and this beautiful kitchen was certainly the result of that.  The house is located in a new development and came with a builder-grade offering of unremarkable cabinetry.  The new design includes a few tweaks.   One priority for this young mom was to have a very open feel to her kitchen.  We even wanted to remove the wall between the kitchen and butler’s pantry.  That was not to be as it turned out to be structural.  Plan two was to open it up so that you could at least see through it.  I think you’ll agree it worked really well.


Kitchen flows into the Butler's Pantry (right) which leads into the Dining Room


The cabinetry is by Holiday Kitchens, Inc.  The door style is called Seattle and it is wood with white paint.  Counter tops are white quartz and the dramatic backsplash is penny tile.  A penny tile is a round penny-sized mosaic tile that comes in sheets for easy installation.  Appliances include a full sized 36” refrigerator and freezer by SubZero, a built-in wall oven and a handy microwave drawer by Sharp.  Now all you need is a sturdy pair of flip flops and a stylin pair of  shades to complete the ensemble.


Floating shelves show off penny tiled wall, with storage and wine cooler below.

A nod to the little one. My client's 4 year-old enjoys her own little section of the island.



Thank you  for the out pouring of love and concern for our family.  No matter what happens the sun always rises again and we begin another day.

White cabinets and a shiny blue glass tile backsplash lend a coastal feel. Photo by Southern Accents

As you guys up in the northern regions are beginning to crank up the heat,  I thought I’d share a little warmth from down here in sunny Florida.  If you love warm tropical beaches, even when there’s snow (instead of sand) on the ground, here’s how you can bring this ambiance to your “anywhere” kitchen.

Blue & White will give you an instant feel of sun and surf.  White cabinets are hot!  Blue calls  to mind the ocean and may be added to your backsplash, walls or even used as  accent color for an island or hutch cabinet.

A modern version with Balthaup cabinets. Photo by Elle Decor

A sea view is a must and you can have one even if you don’t live by the sea.  Think art!  That way you can choose the sea view of your choice.  It can be a painting, a photograph or even something more abstract like a mixed media work of art.

I wish I was at the beach by ABSTRACTINC from

Gifts from the Sea are fun ways to add a beachy feel.  Shells, starfish or even bits of beach glass are great accents.  Try using a shiny glass tile backsplash for a watery feel or tiles with more of a honed finish look like glass that has been eroded by the sand over time.

seashells, starfish and beach glass tell the story of the sea

Burled Beach Corian countertop by Dupont

Throw some sand into the mix with solid surface counter tops in colors like Dijon from the Elements collection by Denova or Burled Beach by Dupont’s Corian.

Dijon from the Elements collection Denova Solid Surface Counters

The nice thing is you can add a little or you can pull out all the stops.  If you have “Floridified” your kitchen sent me pix.  I would love to show and tell.  Oh, and by the way, it’s nice to be back!



Photo courtesy of

Lately I’ve been reading a lot about something called TYPOGRAPHY which is  the art and technique of arranging type, type design and generally playing around with letters, numbers and symbols.  It’s bold and exciting and can define your kitchen in a new way.  You can buy unfinished letters which can be painted  and creatively arranged to add a little intrigue to the heart of you home. Here are just a few ways you can bring typography into the mix for minimal investment.

In case you were wondering, it's A French term referring to having all the ingredients necessary for a dish prepared and ready to combine up to the point of cooking. For more visit

Fun with food!  There’s nothing like a giant letter garnish to start a dinner conversation.

photo from

Just a few BIG letters strategically placed on a shelf or hung on the wall may be all you need.

Get this print The Figure 5 in Gold by Charles Demuth (1928) from All

How about an art print featuring your lucky number or favorite phrase?

Photo by

Use a good old fashioned black board if you want to write your own text.  This allows you to change it up.  Invite the family to contribute.  Heck, it could even be your grocery list.  The point is that the writing is the decorative element.  Make your own blackboard with chalkboard paint by Benjamin Moore.

Drop me a line and let me know your decorating type! (Sorry)



Today I thought I’d continue with the eye candy theme.  You see I’m actually helping you.  I parade all types of enticement across my blog so you can formulate your own kitchen creation strategy. So take note!  Today’s yumminess comes in the form of Ann Sacks Tile, one of  the most cutting edge and innovative suppliers of tile, stone and plumbing fixtures today.  It all began in 1980 when Ann Sacks discovered a box of Mexican Talavera tiles being sold as trivets.  These inspired her to start her own company and open her first showroom in the living room of her home!  The rest is history.
The Kiss by Gustav Klimt
Fritza by Ann Sacks

Inspired by the art of Gustav Klimt, Ann Sacks has recently introduced Fritza, a colorful mosaic run between strips of tetra slate and black granite. This is a great way to add a little art to your kitchen.  What a great backsplash this would make!

Another one of my favorites is this tile from the Forms collection by Angela Adams (left).  This is perfect if you’re going for a mid-century modern appeal. 

Erin Adam’s Facet Mosaic features a circle design in tones that blend beautifully with just about any wood grain

The stainless steel look is another interesting backsplash treatment for your kitchen.


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