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I received an email from one of my fave clients the other day.  She is contemplating a dream kitchen for 2011 (Maybe you should too!) Anyway she sent me some of these amazing photos. Check out this dreamy spiral-trapdoor-otherworldly-cool wine cellar!  Was this an internet hoax, an urban legend, I wondered?

NO!  It’s for real and you can check out the UK firm that builds them here.  The appeal is not only novelty but efficient design.  The concept was designed in 1978 by a Frenchman (of course).  It’s not a basement, as I first thought, but an actual hole in the ground!

It’s not only space efficient but it’s Green as well.  They claim the temperature stays constant at 55 degrees.  Ok, so it’s probably still only a dream for us in Florida.  If you dug that deep under my kitchen you’d have an undersea wine cellar.  Now there’s an idea!


Add Wearstler Hollywood Kitchen Design Appeal

Mixed Materials are featured in this design by Wearstler’s protoge Lara Fishman
Did you happen to catch this morning’s CBS Morning story on Hollywood designer Kelly Wearstler? She is described as the “new Dorothy Draper“, the original Hollywood Design Diva.   Wearstler sports a theatric edgy personal style that flows into her work as an interior designer. There it is again, fashion informing design and vice versa.  Wearstler shared 6 tips on kitchen design with Food & Wine magazine.
A kitchen carved in stone by Kelly Wearstler
Be bold with white.  Yes, she is partial to the cooler sleeker finishes such as stone, marble and stainless steel.  White works with these materials to create a clean open sensibility.  Plus, let’s face it, for those of us in Florida, white will always have a place.  Play with color and pattern. This is a great way to personalize your space and make it your own.  How about a punch of red with that white?  Open up cabinets.  Open book cases and glass doors are a great way to break up what can be a monotony of cabinet doors.  Consider using mirrored glass for a Hollywood look.  
Mixed materials, glass doors and chandelier light fixture in Gwenyth Paltrow’s kitchen by Kelly Wearstler
Mix materials.  I’m often asked if it’s OK to mix materials in the kitchen.  The answer is yes!  My advice is to include one unifying element such as color or texture.  Use pendant lighting.  If you’re up for the drama, this lighting option is the way to go, just like jewelry for the kitchen. Gotta have a chandelier, daaahling!  Last but not least, hide those paper towels.  They are a glamor killer.   
Paper towel solution is handy and hidden


How do you add drama to your kitchen?
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