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Tip 2: New Cabinets, All or Nothing?


Anyway where were we??  Ah yes, I was sharing with you five big questions I get from clients.  The first post in the series was about under cabinet lighting and here is number 2:

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I’m loving this kitchen featured on  Looks like she’s having way too much fun, huh?  Of course I can’t help noticing the design. (Maybe that’s what she’s so happy about.)  There is a great idea here.   Open space.   In this case there is a window in the way which does not allow for an upper cabinet.   Even if the window was 15″ or so further to the left that corner area is very difficult to reach.   One solution is to put open shelves there or, nothing!   It’s okay to have some open spaces in the kitchen when they make sense.   It can even create an opportunity for art, which is always a good thing!

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