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Kitchen Case Study: Tips and Products that Can Bring Your Design to the Next Level

Designing a kitchen is a bit like solving a puzzle, eventually all the pieces come together and it all makes sense from both a visual as well as a functional perspective.  This new kitchen design in Wellington Florida is a great example of that. Today I’d like to share with you an inside peek at the process and how we got from drab to amazing in ten million easy steps.

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Applying the Elements of Design to Your Kitchen

Elements of design are the building blocks of art for good reason. They also happen to work when it comes to planning and laying out your kitchen. Whether you are all about luxury or bound to the basics, awareness of these fundamentals can make all the difference.


Open Shelves Add Function and Style

Open shelves, especially floating shelves happen to be all the rage at the moment, should you or shouldn’t you?  I often hear concerns about neatness.  Do we really want to see it all? Maybe we do.  Open shelves can greatly increase efficiency in the kitchen. Having our most used dishes, utensils and ingredients displayed and at our finger tips is very tempting!  This is how the chefs do it and there is even a term for it in French.

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Our annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Show known as KBIS  was held last month in Las Vegas.  I’m hearing that attendance was much improved over the anemic showing of the last couple years.  This show is traditionally where new products and design trends for the kitchen and bath are introduced to the world at large.  Here are some of my new faves from the show!


The signature look of Borholm Kitchens was a timely refreshing addition to KBIS

Simple Scandanavian inspired detailing sets this line apart.

One of the most exciting debuts this year is  Bornholm Cabinets,  conceived of and created by fellow blogger Susan Serra and her daughter.     They are a couple of smart cookies who know what’s both hot now as well as basic and unique enough to be timeless.  The line is Scandanavian inspired but American made.  Simple yet elegant and designed to blend into and enhance any environment.  I think we’ll be seeing more of this.  You can see more here.

I also love this beautiful bit of black.

Yes it’s a toilet!  When it comes to commodes the Japanese have definitely got it going on and this example is no exception.   We all know what a “smart” phone is, well meet the “smart” toilet!  The REGIO by Inax  features a sound system, heated seat, double power deodorizing, automatic seat and flushing, and dual nozzle bidet. Geez, what more could you want?  Oh, yeah it’s also environmentally responsible. Check it out here

Here’s a new fun way to add a little glow to that backsplash area between your cabinets and counter top.

The °eluma RGB DecoSplash illuminated backsplash is the first fully customizeable color changing LED backsplash.  You can change your color as you change your mood from fuschia to lime green!  This LED light is dimmable and you even have your choice of decorative inserts.  Find out more here.

Dark rich wood finishes continue to be a popular choice.  I just love the Asian vibe (of course!) of this kitchen by Wellborn Cabinets.

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