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ROLLOUT founders industrial artist Anita Modha and graphic artist Jonathan Nodrick

ROLLOUT, the wallpaper!

As you may have heard, wallpaper is in vogue once again.  I confess I am not naturally “wallpaper inclined” but what I saw recently in the intriguing Studio North & Prototype section at IDS11 in Toronto made me think again.   After all, I am slavishly devoted to art and what better way to ” art”  than by utilizing the biggest canvas of all, your wall!
The innovative custom wallpaper manufacturer,  ROLLOUT , featured eight designs, including new work by founder/designers Anita Modha and Jonathan Nodrick.


This funky design is called LeCorbusier

Not only was I impressed by their edgy designs but, get this, you can design your own wallpaper.    It’s pricey but that’s so you keep  your taste in check.  Keep it to a focal wall such as in a powder room or dining room and you won’t break the bank or run the risk of  “too much of a good thing”.  This digitally printed eco-conscious wallpaper runs about $10 a square foot.  Get your own art printed for about $8 per square foot plus set up charges.    These premium, latex-based inkjet wallcoverings come in 36’’ wide rolls.  Custom design projects are quoted upon request.

ROLLOUT was recently featured on Canadian lifestyle and design talk show Steven & Chris.  Click here to see the show.  The ROLLOUT section is at 12:30.

Vitra Panton chair by Rollout was auctioned on IDS 11 Opening Night

In addition to their presence at IDS 11, ROLLOUT was also asked to re-design a Vitra Panton chair that was auctioned off with the proceeds going to Casey House, the first free-standing HIV/AIDs hospice in Canada which offers support and care to those that are affected in their communities.  20 one-off chairs by some of Canada’s leading designers and architects were auctioned off during the opening night of the event.

IDS11 is Canada’s largest contemporary design fair that has served to inform and support the growing Canadian design industry for the past fourteen years.  Thank you to Blanco for sending me to IDS 11!


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The new Culina kitchen faucet by Blanco. The sink (also Blanco) is a polished stainless steel.

Now that I’m back and basking in the sun once again, I’m busy creating a whole new Flickr site with all those photos I took to share with you.  Here are just a few to get you warmed up.

Polished chrome faucets by Canadian firm Riobel will be available in the US this year.

Look for the link right here at Kitchens for Living where you can view all the photos and commentary.  As soon as I post you’ll be the first to know.   Just to get us started I thought I’d show you some of the faucet fashion at IDS11.   Incidentally this is the 13th IDS show and it’s Canada’s largest contemporary design show.  This year’s event featured 300 exhibitors.  As an American designer, it was interesting to see the differences not only in taste but in product offerings just over the border.  Products and styling appear more progressive.  When I question why so many of these products are not available to us here in the USA I am told that it is not our market.  I hope they are wrong.  If we can’t get it we can’t buy it.  Right?


This stylish Moen 90 degree faucet is also available in stainless. Photo courtesy of Moen.

Plumbing faucet manufacturers from Moen to Riobel to Brizo showed a dazzling array of faucets of all types with one thing in common, a polished chrome finish. Fellow bloggers who had the opportunity to visit Cologne, Germany last week for the “Living Kitchen” event tell me that polished chrome is the choice in Europe as well.


This stunning Siderna faucet by Brizo is simple yet elegant and I LOVE the glass detail on the handles!

Next post: The Sink of the future is here today!

Don’t forget to enter your chance to win a free Orgaline drawer organizer by leaving a comment on any post between now and February 15th! Click here to read January 14th post for details



The premiere annual ritual for those of us in the “biz” is the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) This year the show was held last month in our favorite mid-west metropolis, Chicago.  Each year certain trends, technologies and companies tend to stand out.  This is what we’ll be hearing about in the world of Kitchen & Bath Design in months to come.  Here’s the buzz, especially for you, from those in the know.

I think Jenn-Air stole the show with their new premium products.  Jenn-Air’s intuitive double ovens (won most innovative product by KBB for 2009) and built-in refrigeration can meet the demands of buyers of other premium brands, not to mention, the new DUCT FREE downdraft cooktop, an item apartment and condo dwellers have long been waiting. 

Morton Block, CMKBD, IIDA
President Morton Block Associates
I noticed the emphasis on bevel and diamond shapes was more dominate this year. This was featured on: cabinetry doors, plumbing fixtures, hardware, mouldings, lighting fixtures and tile.
Joanna Menke
Millwork Sales & Design, CKD and Associate IIDA

Loved the Kohler Stages Sink (I love any sink with bells and whistles and this one has A LOT of bells and whistles).
As for trends, I noticed bits of bling and was pleased that it was done with subtlety and sophistication. Little hints of shimmer, crystals, etc on door knobs, cabinet hardware, faucets. A door knob by Hamilton Sinkler comes to mind, knobs and such by a beautiful Italian manufacturer whose name is escaping me.

Karen Swanson

The trend I seem to notice more this year was towards saving water and energy as well as more recycled products.

Randal G. Winter

President Randal G. Winter Construction

As a trend, I would have to respond not with a product but with an attitude. It seems many of the conference speakers as well as individuals I spoke with, were emphasizing ‘seeing’ from the viewpoint of the client. I like to think we have always put the them first, but apparently there is a very real need to educate the designers and contractors in the ways of the economically impacted buyer. The human factor prevails. 

Carl A. Smith III

One of my favorites, shown here,  was this nifty corner cabinet accessory by Korner King.  It allows full use of your corner not only lazy susans but drawers as well! 

To see all of the best of KBIS entries click this link.

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