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Tear Sheet Tuesday: Summer recipes, NYC X Design & Furniture Porn

Welcome to another edition of the occasional series I call Tear Sheet Tuesday.  We launched last Tuesday.   If you want to catch up you can do that right here.  In a nutshell, I tear what strikes my fancy throughout the week and I share that with you here.  It could really be anything. It’s all inspiration!

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Desigual on 34th Street. We should at least have one in Miami!

Yesterday I took a break from the show to indulge Diva Daughter Sabrina in her favorite activity, shopping.  My sister Pam, Sabrina and I hit the road running beginning our day on famous 34th Street where we visited Lush, Desigual and Uni Qlo.  Lush is the smell good spa experience gone wild,  I fell in love with the signature looks at Spanish retailer Desigual and was impressed with the merchandising, quality and value for money at Japan based Uni Qlo.  Click on the links and check them out.

Window at Uni Qlo

More at Uni Qlo. These mannequins slowly move up and down.

Barbie for big girls at Uni Qlo

Painting on the street in front on Victoria's Secret! He picked quite the spot, huh?

It was a long fun day and we ended it in the East Village at the Yaffa Cafe’.  The Village has to be my favorite part of New York.  If I ever lived here in a past life, this was the spot.

At the Yaffa Cafe' in the East Village











The food was good and the company made it even better.  Today we returned to the AD Show and visited ArtExpo.  Stay tuned for today’s recap in the next post.



Happy Monday peeps!  Looking forward to a great week visiting New York City’s home of fashion, art and design events,  Piers 92/94.  I’ll be arriving Wednesday evening in time to attend opening Trade Day at the Architectural Design Show.  I’m really looking forward to seeing many fellow bloggers and designers I met through the Blogger 19 Fashion Week event sponsored by Brizo and also meeting others who I follow and admire for the first time.  Look for updates and coverage of my unique take on all the action.

Friday I’ll be heading over to the other pier for ArtExpo NYC so that I can indulge in my other passion, art!  As an added bonus you’ll get a “teenager’s take” as I roam the city that never sleeps with my 16 year old “diva daughter” in toe (spring break).  It should be fun.  Don’t forget to check back!



Diesel is a worldwide brand of fashion jeans and apparel

That’s not diesel as in engine but Diesel as in the sexy jeans and apparel manufacturer.  Yes, they have teamed up with that Italian maker of cabinet beauty, Scavolini.  You’ll remember I wrote about them on my last NYC adventure here.

The global denim brand, ambassador of the “successful living” lifestyle, and the Italian leader of furnished kitchens, with an export network in more than 50 countries worldwide, are collaborating on a new perspective in kitchen design.

Check out this video introducing the Successful Living Kitchen sent to me by my pal Daniele at Scavolini NYC.

The purpose of this project is to appeal to the needs of younger (I like to think young in age AND young at heart) consumers throughout their global markets.  Scavolini fits the bill because of their ability to incorporate function, safety, durability and style.  The Diesel style is represented in this “Successful Living Kitchen” with industrial appeal and retro elements through use of materials such as wood, steel, glass and concrete distressed and treated to lend a vintage feel.  What an interesting combo!  Pieces are both modular and free-standing.  If you’d like to check it out in person you’ll have to visit the EuroCucina Show in Milan Italy April 17-22.   I’ll be back in NYC at the end of the month for Architectural Digest 2012 Show. Ciao!





I made it! Here at last.

Granted I’m biased, but I have to say that Counter Space:   Design and the Modern Kitchen is the most engaging exhibit I have had the pleasure of attending.  It opened at the Museum of Modern Art September 15th and closes on March 11th.  The thing about this show is that we can all identify and connect with the topic of kitchens.  They are an integral part of how we live but we seldom give thought to exactly how they came about.  You can find just about all there is to know right here. Read more

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