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The "full monty" of Bosch appliances. A dream kitchen, no?

One thing I discovered during my Bosch Blanco Bloggers’ Retreat is that creativity cannot be contained.  It spills out of the box in all sorts of interesting ways.  It was a great experience.  It’s exciting and inspiring to learn about all the products, both the history and origins, as well as the very latest technologies.  Most of all, I loved hearing about  the design process and how these products come into being.  I enjoyed interacting, not only with the creatives at Bosch and Blanco, but also with my peers.  Whenever I could, I asked them about their typical days, how they work and what they do in their off time.  What I found is that there is no off time for a creative.  I should know that, right?  I discovered an editor who loves to knit, a kitchen designer who’s passion is ballroom dancing and a much admired kitchen blogger who loves to photograph roses.  She confesses to having literally thousands of rose photos lurking in her hard drive!  The creative process is also a big part of what I learned about during our two days at the BSH Design Center in Irvine, California.

BLANCO’s award-winning design team stripped the pro faucet down to its essence, leaving a beautifully simple solution to the iconic chef style

The process of developing new products begins with colored pencils and adventurous minds.  The team at Bosch endeavors to achieve just the right combination of precision German engineering and the latest technology to address the needs of the consumer.

All it takes to get started

Sometimes these needs are apparent but often they can be situations (observed and researched) that we may not even be aware of!  This is what makes the folks at Blanco and Bosch such a great team. They have a similar approach which understands that everything’s connected in our world and it all informs what we need to function comfortably and efficiently in our homes.  Kudos to them and thanks for the memories!




Notice the "Aubrey-esque" graphics in the back. The thing is I love the faucet too!

I know my last post was all about the plumbing but I’m not done yet.  As I peruse my ever growing roster of press releases this little tidbit caught my eye.  It’s a sleek beautiful sexy faucet with one hell of a marketing strategy.

Meet Salome' by Riobel

The new Salome faucet by Riobel is going to be unleashed upon an unsuspecting public on June 7th at Koko Bar and Restaurant in Montreal, should you be in the area.  What makes it so special you ask?  Check it out.  Need I say more? I just love it when art history intersects with design.  I think it just adds a whole other layer.

Salome' by Aubrey Beardsley


Yes it’s all about the looks, you know a faucet can never be too thin or rich expensive, which I’m sure it is.  The marketing brilliance is in the name and inspiration for this design.  She’s (yes this faucet is a girl) called Salome’ after the work of Aubrey Beardsley, the 19th century bad boy famous for his erotic Art Noveau illustrations.  Here’s what Riobel has to say in their press release:

“In Harmony with this (Art Noveau) artistic concept, the faucets of Riobel’s SALOMÉ Collection are based on the aesthetics of curved lines. Due to their round profile and arched shape, Salomé products exude finesse, refinement and elegance.

Turning on a SALOMÉ faucet is reminiscent of an exotic cascading waterfall, deep in the forest where all is pure, a significant aspect of these wall-mounted fixtures.”  So I lied when I said it’s all about the looks.  This water-as-in-nature concept seems like a great way to tame the stress and put a little Zen in your life.











































































Jason Wu and could it be Vogue editor Anna Wintour?
When I arrived home on Friday a Fed Ex package awaited.  Brizo sent me a beautiful leather luggage tag and catalogs featuring their beautiful plumbing fixtures.  Also included was a matching leather document pouch containing information about Jason Wu, fashion designer and Brizo partner.  Here is a quote from his bio:
“The Jason Wu Collection is the manifestation of the eclectic and diverse background of its designer Jason Wu.  Wu combines modern lifestyle dressing with the spirit of detailing of haute couture in a way that is both innovative and romantically reflective.”
Very wearable fashions

He is all about silhouette which makes his vision compatible with a company that produces style in the form of faucets.  All faucets yield water.  Beyond that it’s all design, form, silhouette.   I have also browsed a few blogs/sites of my fellow attendees.  One of my favorites is, a blog about culture and style.  Everything from home design to make up, a radar for “hip” in all its forms.  Stay tuned for more about my journey to Fashion Week with Brizo!


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