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Applying the Elements of Design to Your Kitchen

Elements of design are the building blocks of art for good reason. They also happen to work when it comes to planning and laying out your kitchen. Whether you are all about luxury or bound to the basics, awareness of these fundamentals can make all the difference.


Wood-Mode and Top Knobs, Makings of a Dream Kitchen

If you’ve spent any time researching cabinets for your new kitchen or bath you’ve probably come across then name Wood-Mode. It’s the nation’s largest manufacturer of custom cabinetry for kitchens, baths and other rooms throughout the home and they’ve been around for 42 years.  I learned that Wood-Mode has great name recognition in the industry for good reason.  Their booth at KBIS was impressive and fun!  Four yellow Lab pups were on hand to demonstrate  one of their  lifestyle concepts, The Pet Parlor.

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Kitchen Love, Italian Style at Acheo and Poggenpohl

Ok so you got me, Poggenpohl is not Italian.  They are German, except when they’re in Milan, then they’re Italian.  Good enough? I can hardly believe I’ve been home for over a week!  Images and impressions are still swirling around in my head from the wonderful time I spent with Blanco and some fellow members of the Blanco Design Council in Milan.  Design Week was not limited to the extensive exhibition at the Rho Fairgrounds but also included events all over town.  We visited two memorable and cutting edge showrooms on our visit. Read more



The new sexy isn’t always sexual. In fact the Brits have coined the term “sex it up!” meaning to make something more interesting, attention grabbing or appealing. So, guess what? Now you can “sex up” your kitchen by updating and refreshing the look and function. Here are some tricks:

1) Roll outs Want easier access? Install shelves that roll out. These are great in the lower cabinets as well as in your pantry.

2) Open shelves can be extremely functional allowing you to view and easily grab and go.  I also love them for cookbooks and they break up the monontony of too many cabinet doors.

3) Color and texture  What’s more seductive than color and texture?  Think sleek stainless steel paired with a rustic tumbled marble backsplash or a RED quartz counter top in the midst of a clean white kitchen.  

4) Dimmable light fixtures above your cabinets can create a subtle glow.  Add them under your upper cabinets and they double as task lighting when turned up. 

5) Art is One of my favorite additions to any kitchen.  It’s a great way to personalize your kitchen and create visual interest.  (See my  3/18 post).

What are you passionate about in your kitchen? Dying to know and hoping you’ll share.
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