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Summer, the Season for Outside Cabinets

Summer is in full swing! I must confess I’m one of the few who loves a hot steamy Florida summer.  Recently I got a call from a potential client with some extra space to fill outside by the pool (lucky them right?) Adjacent to the dining room and tucked into an alcove a new idea sprang to mind!  How about an outside wine bar? Perfect for entertaining and here in Florida we can enjoy this scenario most of the year.  There are a few things to remember if you’re thinking of investing in outsider cabinetry.

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If you’re a hard core Floridian like me you know that we are enjoying the best weather of the year right now! Balmy evenings before the decent of the heat, humidity and bugs of summer beckon us to inquire “what’s cooking outside”? Well today the answer to that is A LOT! Outdoor cooking back in the day consisted of a basic charcoal grill and it was a project to coax those coals to just the right temperature. Outdoor kitchens have evolved from that primitive beginning and are quickly becoming a regular part of the outdoor living scene in our temperate climate. Here are some products to consider if you want to cook and entertain outside in your own little piece of paradise.

Outdoor grills can now be freestanding or built into surrounding cabinets just like an in door kitchen.Natural wood cabinets in marine grade woods and finishes stand up to the elements. Some man-made materials such as Starboard are also excellent choices for out door storage. This Kitchen by Atlantis Outdoor Kitchens features cabinet doors in oiled teak. The cabinet boxes are made of their trade marked solid marine-grade polymer Perma-Panel, which makes it weatherproof. An under counter refrigerator for drinks and condiments is handy and natural stone tops are functional sturdy and easy to clean.

Until next time you can find me in the backyard!
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