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This track lighting system works
great with a contemporary design

Just as a beautiful pendant is a focal point for a necklace, a pendant light can add a little bling to your kitchen.  Light fixtures are a great way to add visual interest and color without a lifetime commitment.  After all, you can usually change them without too much hassle when you want to freshen things up.  Get that kitchen scrapbook out and take note!  Here are some of my favorite looks and where you can get them.

Kyoto Pendant Lamp by
Meyda Custom Lighting

If you are a fan of the Asian aesthetic these lights are for you.  Beautiful in their Zen simplicity, they are also a great match for the stainless steel finishes you may have in your kitchen.

These whimsical light fixtures will make you smile even before you’ve had your coffee!

These coffee lights  consist of light colored coffee cups with dark colored saucers. The light source is inside the cup.  Pretty clever, huh?  If you’re pretty good with handyman repairs and are comfortable with minor electrical wiring, this would be a nice DIY project. Not only would you save yourself a couple of dollars on the purchase of this unique fixture, but you’d be able to customize it with your personal preferences. Don’t like the coffee cups, no problem, change them. Don’t like the saucers, change them as well.The Coffee Lights sell through Connex for $199 US.

Finned Wine Bottle Pendants by Meyda Custom Lighting

These elegant specimens with their finned openings are actually made from wine bottles.  The deep jewel tones are a lovely accent for either painted or wood stained cabinets.




We can emulate the moods of natural light in our kitchen environments.

One of the most important components of  your kitchen design is lighting, both in terms of how you see the overall picture and how you will function within it. Today I would like to introduce and welcome Guest Blogger and lighting expert Marcia Excelrud.  I asked her how to begin when considering lighting for the heart of the home.

 “ Lighting is part of our every day life. It creates a mood and determines how we see the world around us.  The best way to begin thinking about lighting is by looking at nature. I took some pictures at the park near-by, showing how the position of the clouds and sun affect how we visualize the colors and shapes of our environment. Glare  and reflections play a big part. We can create the same effects at night or indoors depending on the lamps, fixtures and accessories we use as seen in the kitchen photo above. I will stop by Kitchens for Living now and again to share with you the best products and techniques to show your kitchen in the best light.”

Marcia Exelrud is the founder and CEO for the company Bright Light Designs, Inc. Ms. Exelrud has 20 years of well-rounded experience in the architectural, lighting and interior design industries and is a memver of the International Association of Lighting Designers.  She can be contacted through her website




One thing you can bet on is that there’s always a home for white cabinets in Florida.  Here’s a job I recently completed using cabinets by Holiday Kitchens.  After living with brown oak cabinets and pink laminate tops (see before photo in center), this client was looking to update and brighten his kitchen.  There were three main things that transformed it into a space that caters to this homeowner’s specific needs.  First of all we partially removed the wall between the dining room and kitchen with a dramatic result.  We saved enough wall to use for cabinetry.  Corner cabinets both above and below now make full use of this hard-to-reach area.  This homeowner was so in love with his G.E.Advantium convection microwave oven, he wanted another one!  The solution was to incorporate a built-in version in his new pantry which is equipped with roll outs below and shelves and can racks above.  Last but not least we added a small peninsula which not only yields much needed extra storage and counter space but also serves to define the kitchen space which is otherwise open to the family room.  To see more click on the link in the upper right to visit our photo album on Flickr.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



This couple was looking to transform a spare bedroom into a comfortable inviting place to work at home.  A warm stain and glaze over maple with a high degree of attention to detail transformed this room into a delightful and functional retreat.  I think Brendan and Trevor have certainly worked their magic here!



Have you ever wondered what you can do with a little bit of leftover space in your home?  This client had an L- shaped space approximately 7′ X 8′.  This is not such a small space, you may say, however when the request is for an English Pub Bar it’s not so much!  In addition, this home owner wanted the option of being able to see the large screened TV on the opposite wall of the adjacent family room.  My design solution was to use a lot of paneling and mouldings to create the proper feeling.  I paneled the back wall and inserted a large mirror which would reflect the  TV so that you could see it while sitting at the bar.  We added a bar sink in the corner which was easy as the kitchen sink, and therefore the plumbing,  was right on the other side of the wall.  We wanted an upper cabinet to store glasses but were unable to utilize the wall space to its left because of the kitchen pass through.  The solution was to add another mirror over the sink which gave us good balance and lightness in the midst of all the wood.  An ice maker, beverage refrigerator and built-in “kegerator” were also included.  I am pleased to say our clients are thrilled with the design, craftsmanship and function of their new English Pub Bar!  Next post: Wood You??

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