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The finished fireplace surround is much more than that.  We increased and staggered the heights for visual interest, added mantle detailing and storage on the sides.

You would think being a Florida girl does not help make me an authority on fireplaces!  However we were approached by a lovely local couple who’s dream was exactly that.  Although, a South Florida winter can sometimes dip, wait for it, into the THIRTIES (Fahrenheit), they simply wanted a fireplace to add a different type of warmth to their family room (overlooking the pool).

Before the entertainment center was pickled oak and short!

We helped them select an electric fireplace insert, the plug in and your done type.  Except we weren’t done.  We needed to design and build a custom cabinet masterpiece around it to show it off as well as house their flat screen TV.  Our design concept was to make it look as much like a traditional fireplace mantle as possible using wood stained in warm tones to  complement the cozy room in which it resides.  See the final product above.  They love it!



This solution is a great example of efficient use of corner space.

One of our clients has a great house in one of those lovely historic neighborhoods in West Palm Beach. They have a spacious family room with lots of windows. Views of lush vegetation and palm trees complete the “old Florida” mood. So what is the problem you say? The rub is that all those great windows really cut down on the wall space you need for a TV or entertainment center. The solution is a unique custom built corner unit to house TV and necessary components. Corners can be tricky but we were able to add some open shelves around the TV and doors below to house components.  It is finished in a soft white paint.

A work in progress
The Final Answer!
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